About Us

LOVE MILK Nursingwear was founded in 2010 by Helena Henning in Sweden.

The idea of the original Love Milk nursing top came to Helena while expecting her third child. At the time she had given away all her old nursing clothes, and struggled to find nice enough new tops and dresses that she felt would be worth the money. She also wanted to nurse in comfort and style and feel confident to do so just about anywhere. So Helena set about developing a top that works as an addition to your existing wardrobe, making less impact on your wallet and the environment, and letting you stick to your pre-baby style. She was also determined that it is made from eco-friendly materials and affordably priced. 

Helena soon discovered the real need for new mums to dress as stylishly as they used to before they had babies. Most breastfeeding garments she found were either frumpy or just aimed at lounging at home, and very rarely did she come across a beautiful dress designed for nursing that was also flattering and trendy. So the business took off with the aim of creating a fashionable breastfeeding collection, with dresses and tops featuring a clever and hidden nursing access, and also being nice enough to wear at weddings, parties, dinners or just when you want to feel pretty. All the garments are still eco-friendly and affordably priced.

Helena's professional background is within the fashion industry. She has worked in the UK and Sweden, with high street as well as high fashion, both on the production side and behind the counter. Helena is constantly finding ways of improving Love Milk's products, by communicating with mums and finding out what they need and wish for. It is really important to hear from mums directly and to combine their wishes with what's going on in the fashion industry in order to find the balance between practical and pretty, which is the key to Love Milk's success.

"Love Milk focuses on sustainable, easy and colourful living. But, most importantly, we want to help making nursing easier and let all mothers feel beautiful."  Helena Henning, founder of Love Milk